w DOG 2017

1934 - February 14 to February 3, 1935
1946 - February 2 to January 21, 1947
1958 - February 18 to February 7, 1959
1970 - February 6 to January 26, 1971
1982 - January 25 to February 12, 1983
1994 - February 10 to January 30, 1995
2006 - January 29 to February 17, 2007
2018 - February 16 to February 4, 2019 


GENERAL INFO: DOG in Oriental Astrology or LIBRA
in Occidental Astrology. OCTOBER is the month of the DOG. The time of the DOG is from 7:00 p.m. to 8:59 p.m.
The DOG's color is light yellow.


FYI: Chinese Tradition says that having the picture
of a DOG in the house minimizes the risk of having
to deal with thieves, fire, and evil spirits.

FRIENDSHIP: Most DOG born people want to share
loyal friendship. There is much stimulation and you
won't be happy with conventional and conservative people. You need the friendship of those who can
share psychic beliefs, intelligence and loyal understanding. Please keep in mind that generally
most DOGS rarely lose the friends they do have.
Speaking from experience, it’s a rare privilege for
me to be friends with a human DOG.

MONEY: Most DOGS are unselfish individuals who care more about people than they do about money or material comforts. Should DOGS suddenly and urgently need money, nobody is better equipped than them to obtain it.

WORK: With their forthright honesty and true moral integrity most DOGS are respected for their views and trusted by all who come to know them. Because they
have the knack of gaining backing from important people, their careers are often brilliant. Because they genuinely feel they know best, they can sometimes appear bossy.

They accomplish goals quickly, your successes the
result of hard work and intelligence. But the DOG never really relaxes. Despite appearing calm and at rest, his heart and mind are always jumping. Don’t should learn
to delegate, to share the load.

very set interests, preferring to specialize in a single
field than to dabble in many different interests.

They tend to do exceptionally well in jobs in which
they are helping others. Trade union leader, a priest,
an educator, a nurse, or a doctor. DOGS are intelligent
and with their stable minds, they make good counselors, psychologists, a spokesperson whose ideals will be profound and often original.

PROVISO: Astrology works if you work to make it work.
Of course, nothing much will happen if you don't make
it happen. Truly confident people know how to move on and find a happier side of Life. They believe nothing
unless it agrees with their own principles and basic common sense. Then, they act on it and move forward.

Please, check the questionnaire page.

Your Cosmic Assignment is to

1- Get additional income.
2- If you receive additional retraining and promote
your expertise and if you improve your skill base,
you could increase take home pay.

3- Build new assets in preparation for imposed retirement.
4- Protect your personal security in unfamiliar
Make sure your home and other real estate
assets are fully protected with sufficient insurance.
There could be extensive loss.
6- Can your nerves take additional responsibilities?
Prepare a commitment exit strategy.

8- There is a world of support and friendship around you.
9- Connect with others. Open yourself to being touched.
10- This is a progressive period 4U. Merge and melt.

WEEK of SEPT. 10 WORK ==
This week favors looking
for a new workplace.
This week favors
exploring new paths.
This week favors rebuilding new structures
This week favors letting
a job hunter find
a new direction. Deal with what is obvious.

ASTRO-FAVORED are the people who work in communication, transportation, travel, politics,
flying, teaching,
sales, finances, automotive
industries, construction jobs,
as well as activities
that relate to offering services for seniors,

MANTRA: I feel more confident. I become more resilient. This is my month for progress and achievement.

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painted by MARC G. BRASSARD

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