w DRAGON 2018

1940 - February 8 to January 26, 1941 
1952 - January 27 to February 13, 1953 
1964 - February 13 to February 1, 1965 
1976 - January 31 to February 17, 1977 
1988 - February 17 to February 15, 1989
2000 - February 5 to January 23, 2001 
2012 - January 23 to February 9, 2013



ASTRO-FACTS: DRAGON corresponds to ARIES in
MARS (action), SUN (ego) and JUPITER (major expansion).

NOTE = Astrology works if you work to make it work.
Of course, nothing much will happen if you don't make
it happen. Truly confident people know how to move on and find a happier side of Life. They believe nothing
unless it
agrees with their own principles and basic common sense. Then, they act on it and move forward
and upward.

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Since general prospects for restructuring a major
chapter of your Life are much brighter, prepare for
a soon to come turning point.
Indeed, thanks to your ambitious drive, this could be a period to get from
where you are now to where you want to go.

You want to know about your today and tomorrow?
Is it time to move forward or time to step back?
Are you ready for a personal breakthrough?

Avoid impulsiveness. Proceed at a methodical pace.
Don't make significant move before you get the facts.
You've got to overcome opposition that needs solving

SEPTEMBER 20-21 PREVIEW: Lots of running around.
Overflowing energy and ambition. Bouncing back in
new territory. Worthwhile accomplishments.

Pleasant surprises for skilled workers, technicians
and go-getters working in real estate or communication businesses. Keep pushing.
Milestone being attained.
Enjoy the excitement.

SEPTEMBER 22-23 PREVIEW: Improvement
figure prominently in the astro-charts.
Life should brighten up (OCT). So, prepare
for that long-awaited breakthrough. Do it NOW.

SEP 24-25 PREVIEW: This last week of SEPTEMBER
favors the go-getters who firmly believe in their
Your gain? Feeling
appreciated by
potential employers would heighten your
determination and strengthen your will to
make a favorable impression
and actualize
your ambitious objectives.

SEPTEMBER 26-27-28 PREVIEW: Why take risks?
Attend to one thing at a time. If you miss the target,
adjust your aim. Since your decisive actions count,
productively restructure and rebuild right now.

Everything you do should focus on making progress.
Give away more than you receive. You will find
personal satisfaction in delivering more than you
promise. Do it NOW. Do it just for the fun of it.

SEPTEMBER 29-30 PREVIEW: Your breakthrough
might come when you love yourself more than
anybody else loves you. What’s more, your
success depends on seeing what other people
don't see and pursuing your ambitious objectives
such as  caring for all Life and on giving back to
your communities

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I have confidence in my short-term destiny.
I keep active and busy.
I do fewer things, but I do them better.

I develop greater self-confidence.

I am getting better organized. I rethink my plans.
I reorganize my priorities.
I explore the most practical options.
I am a revenue generator.
I pay my bills easily. 
I am passionate about my work. 
I am personally satisfied and happy
I work hard for what I want and I get it.

bring stability in my Life. I live frugally.
This is my week for progress and achievement.

SUGGESTED BOOK: The Progress Paradox: How Life Gets Better While People Feel Worse by Gregg Easterbrook

SUGGESTED BOOKS BY = Mike Dooley, Gordon Adams, Gail Liberman, Dennis Leonard, S. Redgrave, N. Townsend, J. Hiatt, T. Creasey, David Allen, Harris Kern, Kerry Patterson, Robert Kegan, Earl R. Henslin, Eric Fromm, Patrick Fanning, Andrew Weil, Daniel G. Amen, Tim Hindle, Tom Rath, Con Hurley, Dave Pelzer, Roger Haydock, Lori Palatnik; Bob Burg; Michael D. Sedler; Sonja Lyubomirsky; David Richo; Stephen R. Covey; Rebecca R. Merrill; Eric Fromm; and Patrick Fanning; Gregg Easterbrook; John P. Kotter; M. J. Ryan; David Allen; Harris Kern; Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz; Bill Treasurer; Cathy Newton; Anthony Louis, John Holland, Paul Quinn and Rachel Joan Bunning, Doreen Virtue, Radleigh, C. Valentine and Steve A. Roberts, Dusty White and Brenda Rachel Pollack, Josephine Ellershaw and Ciro Marchetti, Heidi Darras and Barbara Moore, Peter J Morris, Marcus Katz, Kim Huggens, John Mangiapane, Corrine Kenner; and John C. Maxwell.

PS: Cosmic Spirits are our supportive friends.
Allow the Cosmic Forces to intervene HERE and NOW.
Good Fortune is indicated. Your situation will improve.

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TESTIMONIAL: Thanks to Astromarc I rebuild confidence.
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TESTIMONIAL: Marc, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your insightful forecasts and creative arts. Astromarc is a source of inspiration without the propaganda of the philosophy and religion. Congratulations for your continued efforts and remarkable achievement.---------Romano, Los Gatos, CA, USA

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Elephant Sanctuary
4'x3' Oil, Silicone, collage Artwork
painted in 2001


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1- One effective yet simple remedy to shield your home from large or tall objects is to plant trees or shrubs around your house.

2- Dying plants or trees should be removed from your yard immediately because of the bad FENG SHUI they create.

3- To circulate and spread luck and prosperity, please use
plants and crystals to help chi flow throughout a room and throughout your house.

4- Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy and
should not be used in the home or office.

5- Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance
chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi.

6- Chinese tradition says that a crystal chandelier is a powerful source of yang energy which might attract money and success
for an entire family.

7- Always energize the south corner in your home with red candles, the southwest with a pink quartz crystal, the west with a horseshoe or metal hangings, the northwest with a wind chime or a brass bell, the north with a fountain, the northeast with a ceramic bowl or figurine, the southeast with purple flowers, and the east with a potted plant or small tree.

8- If inside your home there is a fireplace or a wood stove, hang a mirror above the fireplace and place live plants pottery and ceramic pieces on each side of it to prevent beneficial chi from escaping up the chimney.

9- Displaying images or a drawing of a crane or of a deer symbolizes longevity; of an elephant, good fortune; of a tiger, protection; of a green dragon, phoenix, and turtle, good fortune. Images of a white tiger are viewed as overbearing.

10- Hanging red tassels help retain chi energy.

Remember, FENG SHUI works if you work to make it work.
So, give your GOOD FORTUNE a chance to materialize!

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