1932 - February 6 to January 25, 1933
1944 - January 25 to February 12, 1945
1956 - February 12 to January 30, 1957
1968 - January 30 to February 16, 1969
1980 - February 16 to February 4, 1981
1992 - February 4 to January 22, 1993
2004 - January 22 to February 8, 2005
2016 - February 8 to January 27, 2017




MONKEY corresponds to LEO in OCCIDENTAL
ASTROLOGY. LEO is RULED by the SUN (ego),
JUPITER (major expansion) and MARS (action).

This ORIENTAL astro-period favors teachers,
accountants, nurses, people who care for children
and animals, those in charge of recreational activities.

Also advantaged are astrologers, archaeologists, entrepreneurs, psychologists, lab technicians,
engineers, electrical workers, trade union leaders,
writers and some journalists. Finally people working
in fashion, film, the arts, sciences could benefit.

NOTE: Many emailers happily told ASTRO-PSYCHIC
MARC in their numerous emails they recycled the
way they earn income.
Some feedback-senders
keep MARC updated at least once a week.
Their GAINS?
Receiving FREE guidance from us.

So, please let us know when you materialize our
stimulating astro-forecasts. LUCKY ASTRO-TREND.


4'x3' Oil, silicone Artwork, 2013
painted by MARC G. BRASSARD


ASTRO-NOTE: The enclosed DAILY REVISED TREND FORECASTS are answers to emails sent by Feedback
Senders and Financial Contributors worldwide.

The enclosed astroscopes are used by professional
astrologers, teachers and students of astrology
all over the world. You surely have benefited
otherwise you would NOT keep-on reading
our researched forecasts. Right? Right.

NOTE: By continuing to use this site, you are
agreeing to donate and send this week the
minimum annual contribution of US$20- or 20 EUROS.

Since Cosmic Spirits do not support freeloading
abusers, please donate by post mail (see bottom).
Please, NO personal checks please. Why?
Too many NO SUFFICIENT FUNDS returned checks.
What a lousy way to thank Astro-Psychic MARC.


MAY 10 to 16: Your gain for thinking WIN?

This could prove to be a tense and unstable astro-period when what seemed to be secure ceases to feel as safe.

You would be wise to prioritize, carefully plan
your strategy, and look for a new place to work.

4X: If you consider changing employer, update your curriculum vitae and double-check all the facts you
put in the work resume. Consult an experienced retrainer.

4X: If you are languishing in a dead-end union with
a 'dead fish' prepare to make a drastic Life change and possibly end a relationship which is no longer satisfying.

So, something failed? What have you learned from that disastrous but revitalizing experience? Bouncing back thanks to calculated risk-taking while making tough decisions, and giving it all the determination and perseverance you’ve got both personally and professionally will make quite a difference during
the last week of MAY. Astrologically speaking, your knowledge and expertise will be appreciated.

So, start building yourself a great new beginning
in a way that really works for you.

1- To move out of your uncomfortable situation,
come-up with a reorientation plan. It's URGENT.
2- Investigate all the practical, doable options available
based on realistic facts and true figures (SATURN).
3- Rebuilding new structures is doable. --- MARC.

MANTRA: I am not shy. I ask for help and support.
I open my mind to new ideas and reasonable solutions
reconnect with peace of mind and happiness.

The following demands extra-serious consideration.

Nothing happens halfway now.
This favorable astro-period favors any project
that requires clear and quick thinking.
You progress by staying laser-focused on
your main short-term objective. Meaning?

Turning a corner in your Life, once and
for all is on your astro-menu.
Most probably you will be glad you did so.
Another proof that your potential is boundless.
Resurrection to better times.

Your next step has to be carefully planned to your
maximum advantage. So, make the most of positive
vibes that surround during this favorable astro-period.

The following demands extra-serious consideration.

SHOULD YOU break-up and get out of a potentially destructive relationship? GIVE IT TIME. TIME could
be a great healer (pain, deception, anger). Sincere
lovers don't play mind games. Real lovers enjoy togetherness combined with mutual independence.

SHOULD YOU break-up and get out of a potentially destructive relationship? GIVE IT TIME. TIME could
be a great healer (pain, deception, anger). Sincere
lovers don't play mind games. Real lovers enjoy togetherness combined with mutual independence.

MAY 23 to 29 incl.:
Why waste time lamenting the past? Move ahead.
Search for more valuable companions.
Use your warmth and charm. Do some volunteering.
Give your Self a chance to be happy finally.
Romance is in the air. Breathe deeply. Enjoy.
Remember, to have better friends, be a better friend.

YOUR GAINS? Improved attitudes toward solid growth.
Give it time and rely deeply on your survival instinct.
To materialize your goals and sub goals, lasting change appears possible. YOUR GAINS AGAIN?

By reconsidering your options, COSMIC SPIRITS
will provide some of you with SOLID OUTLOOK on Life.
There's nothing like showing self-confidence,
during this KARMIC (Life-Death) PANDEMIC PERIOD.

SUGGESTION: Holding your Agate, Citrine, and/or
Tiger Eye and/or quartz crystal at the heart chakra
could help you figure out the options and solutions
that really work for your particular situation.
--- MARC, the predictor of improvement.

The following demands extra-serious consideration.

ATTENTION: Many feedback senders do tell me
that by faithfully doing the ABUNDANCE meditation
(click on MEDITATION located at the left of your
computer monitor) the UNIVERSE has been quite
generous towards them where love, work,
money are concerned. Give it a try.

Why? Simply because self-confidence and
personal satisfaction are capital.
Think win, do win, and succeed.
Winners never give up.

MANTRA for YOU (PICK your TOP 3):
1- I develop greater self-confidence.
2- I am getting better organized. I rethink my plans.
3- I reorganize my priorities.
4- I explore the most practical options.
5- I am a revenue generator. I pay my bills easily. 
6- I work hard for what I want and I get it.

7- I
bring stability in my Life. I live frugally.
8- This is my month for progress and achievement.

Allow the Cosmic Forces to intervene HERE and NOW.
Your rebirth is imminent. MARC MY WORDS.

Cosmic Spirits support your efforts all the way. WHY?
Higher Guiding Forces are our supportive friends.
That much I know and share with you.


The following demands extra-serious consideration.

Incapacitated relatives would appreciate the attention
and support you could give them especially during
this quarantine period (minimum 4 months). Thanks
for reaching out and sharing Compassionate Goodwill.

The following demands extra-serious

ATTENTION: The strategies and practices suggested
by experienced professionals must be followed. 
There is no shortcut. There won’t any tangible
progress unless you fully and completely comply
with the directives given by authorities.

UP2U2 determinately break through actual limitations
and focus on maximizing your health status by
combining several proven techniques, strategies,
and practices suggested by experienced professionals.
Learn, progress and grow.

DOER MARS SAYS: Make a conscious effort to protect
your health, your relationships, finances, peace-of-mind.

COURAGE. You can do it. Be flexible, use cold hard logic,
remain open-minded. You could be pleasantly surprised.
COURAGE. Persevere. You win. :) MAX-BOOSTER MARC


4'x3' Oil, silicone Artwork, 2013
painted by MARC G. BRASSARD

PS: Cosmic Spirits are our supportive friends.
Allow the Cosmic Forces to intervene HERE and NOW.
Good Fortune is indicated. Your situation will improve.

Your KEYWORDS for the month of APRIL astro-period are:
Holding your fate in your hands - Being authentic
and relevant - Uplifting energy - Experiencing fully
what is happening right now in your Life -
Strengthening self-confidence - Living joyously that's
what really counts - Loving Kindness at your core -
Making a favorable impression - Upgrading your worth -
Kindness - Patience - Generosity - Boosting your potential

MANTRA to recite aloud (PICK YOUR TOP 3):
1- I
walk the path of determination.
2- I try harder to attain personal goals.
3- I
bounce back. I turn my Life around.
I have a practical approach to my financial situation.
5- I pursue my own interest.
6- I have a clear sense of accomplishment.
7- I have confidence in my own resources.
8- I am willing to make permanent changes.

9- I enhance my practical skills.
10- I rediscover strengths.
11- I reorganize my priorities.

12- I keep active and busy.

13- I meet often with successful people. 
14- I am passionate about what I do best. 
15- I earn good money.
16- My life-style evolves according to my plans.

17- I have satisfying relationships with my coworkers.
18- I bring stability in my Life.

The following demands extra-serious

q GOOD NEWS: When you need
guidance during unwanted unpleasant times of
adversity and hardship, Astro-Psychic MARC can
provide you with some practical tools and useful
information you need to figure out
your own workable solutions. You stand to benefit.

TO KNOW MORE: To make way for a clearer future,
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The following demands extra-serious

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1- One effective yet simple remedy to shield your home from large or tall objects is to plant trees or shrubs around your house.

2- Dying plants or trees should be removed from your yard immediately because of the bad FENG SHUI they create.

3- To circulate and spread luck and prosperity, please use plants and crystals to help chi flow throughout a room and throughout your house.

4- Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy and should not be used in the home or office.

5- Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi.

6- Chinese tradition says that a crystal chandelier is a powerful source of yang energy which might attract money and success
for an entire family.

7- Always energize the south corner in your home with red candles, the southwest with a pink quartz crystal, the west with a horseshoe or metal hangings, the northwest with a wind chime or a brass bell, the north with a fountain, the northeast with a ceramic bowl or figurine, the southeast with purple flowers, and the east with a potted plant or small tree.

8- If inside your home there is a fireplace or a wood stove, hang a mirror above the fireplace and place live plants pottery and ceramic pieces on each side of it to prevent beneficial chi from escaping up the chimney.

9- Displaying images or a drawing of a crane or of a deer symbolizes longevity; of an elephant, good fortune; of a tiger, protection; of a green dragon, phoenix, and turtle, good fortune. Images of a white tiger are viewed as overbearing.

10- Hanging red tassels help retain chi energy.

Remember, FENG SHUI works if you work to make it work.
So, give your GOOD FORTUNE a chance to materialize!

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