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1933 - January 26 to February 13, 1934
1945 - February 13 to February 1, 1946
1957 - January 31 to February 17, 1958
1969 - February 17 to February 5, 1970
1981 - February 5 to January 2, 1982
1993 - January 23 to February 9, 1994
2005 - February 9 to January 28, 2006
2017- January 28 to February 15, 2018




4'x3' Oil, silicone Artwork, 2013
painted by MARC G. BRASSARD

PROVISO (disclaimer) is posted on opening page.
PS: If and when the 4cast is not updated 4 today,
it simply means that the 4cast still applies to you today.

NOTE = Astrology works if you work to make it work.
Of course, nothing much will happen if you don't make
it happen. Truly confident people know how to move on and find a happier side of Life. They believe nothing
unless it
agrees with their own principles and basic common sense. Then, they act on it and move forward
and upward.

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3'x4' Oil, Silicone Artwork,
painted in 2012


NOW to FEB 27: To enjoy your life and to be
truly happy, you need someone to love,
something to do, and something to hope for.  
What do you think about this assertion?      

Want to experience more serenity, more joy?

An experienced professional counselor
could help find how you can contribute
where needed. Meaning?

If you fully understand where you are now,
change and growth could occur successfully. Astrologically, it seems that some of you
(not all) will get the results you want.

COSMIC FORCES will provide YOU with the
courage to access the BEST of yourself'.
Again, UP2U2 work vigorously at exploring
and revealing the ‘GIANT’ you really are. WoW.

Make the most of this OPPORTUNITY.
WELCOME to the Land of Personal Enjoyment.  


Your KEYWORDS for this astro-period are:
Holding your fate in your hands - Being authentic
and relevant - Uplifting energy - Experiencing fully
what is happening right now in your Life -
Strengthening self-confidence - Living joyously that's
what really counts - Loving Kindness at your core -
Making a favorable impression - Upgrading your worth -
Kindness - Patience - Generosity - Boosting your potential.

MANTRA to recite aloud:
1- I have a clear sense of accomplishment.
2- I surround myself with supportive friends.
3- I express what I really want.
4- I am grateful for their presence and suppor

5- I am grateful for the good that happens in my Life.
6- I am satisfied, grateful, and happy.

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ASTRO-NOTE: The enclosed DAILY REVISED TREND FORECASTS are answers to emails sent by Feedback
Senders and Financial Contributors worldwide.

The enclosed astroscopes are used by professional
astrologers, teachers and students of astrology
all over the world. You surely have benefited
otherwise you would NOT keep-on reading
our researched forecasts. Right? Right.

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Time to examine aspects of your Life that urgently
need a reality check. Career change could fix some
of your problems, but proceed with extreme caution.

How so?
Astrological prospects for progress look most encouraging. If you are purpose-driven), Life
can be pretty darned good especially if you
find a job that enables you to balance work
obligations with your personal, domestic, family life.

So, be achievement oriented, shake hands and make
connections with contacts who can help you move forward. Feeling more satisfied could be on your
Mid-MARCH astro-menu.
You deserve such improvement.

This is not a time to sit still. Commitment, motivation,
managing with confidence multiple activities and
performing at a higher level could get you money
in your bank account and help you rebuild your Life
on solid foundations. You deserve such improvement.

Since there is plenty of constructive energy around,
there is no valid reason for feeling hopeless.

You could make substantial progress if you prove
yourself indispensable. So, be daring, more assertive,
and push ahead with great determination. Improve
your skill base, get up-to-date retraining and promote
your expertise. The outcome depends on you.

1- I walk the path of determination.
2- I try harder to attain personal goals.
3- I
bounce back. I turn my Life around.
I have a practical approach to my financial situation.
5- I pursue my own interest.
6- I have a clear sense of accomplishment.
7- I have confidence in my own resources.
8- I am willing to make permanent changes.

9- I enhance my practical skills.
10- I rediscover strengths.
11- I reorganize my priorities.

12- I keep active and busy.

13- I meet often with successful people. 
14- I am passionate about what I do best. 
15- I earn good money.
16- My life-style evolves according to my plans.

17- I have satisfying relationships with my coworkers.
18- I bring stability in my Life.


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Good Fortune is indicated. Your situation will improve.

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3'x3' Oil, silicone Artwork
painted in 2003


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1- One effective yet simple remedy to shield your home from large or tall objects is to plant trees or shrubs around your house.

2- Dying plants or trees should be removed from your yard immediately because of the bad FENG SHUI they create.

3- To circulate and spread luck and prosperity, please use plants and crystals to help chi flow throughout a room and throughout your house.

4- Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy and should not be used in the home or office.

5- Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi.

6- Chinese tradition says that a crystal chandelier is a powerful source of yang energy which might attract money and success for an entire family.

7- Always energize the south corner in your home with red candles, the southwest with a pink quartz crystal, the west with a horseshoe or metal hangings, the northwest with a wind chime or a brass bell, the north with a fountain, the northeast with a ceramic bowl or figurine, the southeast with purple flowers, and the east with a potted plant or small tree.

8- If inside your home there is a fireplace or a wood stove, hang a mirror above the fireplace and place live plants pottery and ceramic pieces on each side of it to prevent beneficial chi from escaping up the chimney.

9- Displaying images or a drawing of a crane or of a deer symbolizes longevity; of an elephant, good fortune; of a tiger, protection; of a green dragon, phoenix, and turtle, good fortune. Images of a white tiger are viewed as overbearing.

10- Hanging red tassels help retain chi energy.

Remember, FENG SHUI works if you work to make it work.
So, give your GOOD FORTUNE a chance to materialize.

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