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UPDATING AUGUST 14-15 = Persevere. You win.
Why would Life give you preference? Life would,
if you were showing determination, endurance.
If you were having a
flexible attitude, you could
expect quick resolution of a challenging problem.
Y? You are not different, yet you are not the same.
If you are in the right, you will attain Good Fortune.

PS: Stop hoping for a miracle solution to happen.
It won’t.
Only when certain essential conditions
are met can you hope to advance your aspirations.

NOTE = Astrology works if you work to make it work.
How? Base your individual forecast on reality and logic.

Check the placement of the MOON, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN and URANUS in your natal astro-chart. Any
aspect involving birth-planets located between
1D and 19D
could have special meaning for you.

PROVISO (disclaimer) is posted on opening page.
The following forecasts are potentials, not certainties.

Use your individual birth-charts. Luck your beating heart.
Those who know you well and care for you will rejoice.

PS: If and when the 4cast is not updated 4 today,
it simply means that the 4cast still applies to you today.

PS 1 = To receive such valuable assistance,
call MARC at 1-819-812-4843 or

MARC's intuition is trusted by thousands worldwide.
MARC's expressive energy (intuitive premonition)
should NOT be denied.

With so many retrogrades, you stand to greatly
benefit if you make use of MARC's talents. How?

Astro-Psychic MARC can provide you with some
practical tools and useful
workable solutions based
uniquely on your date, location of birth. NO other
form of identification needed in your emailed request.

Something worth knowing, right? So, grow stronger
and overcome your retrogrades, squares and
oppositions that could hold you back UP2 late NOV.

PS 2 =
are answers to emails sent by Feedback
Senders and Financial Contributors worldwide. These
brief forecasts are intended for financial contributors.

PS 3 =
The following astroscopes are used by professional
astrologers, teachers and students of astrology all
over the world. You surely have benefited otherwise
you would NOT keep reading our researched forecasts.

PS 4 =
ASTROMARC sets high standards for visitors,
professional astrologers and teachers, students
of astrology who appreciate the effort and
dedication that successful forecasting requires.

PS 5 = Is ASTROMARC helpful to you?
The forecasts below are in accordance with
today's astro-transits and aspects. This is
real detailed astrology, not just SUN signs.

NOTE: The following forecasts might
appear nearly the same for all ASTROMARC
visitors but the suggested efforts required
to face obstacles, overcome difficulties and
rebuild their Life on solid foundations will
differ depending on where their astro-signs
and aspects are placed in their natal astro-charts.

PS: Since all depends on where your astro-signs and
aspects are placed in your natal & transits charts,
examine the placement of MERCURY,
VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN in your charts.
This is achieved by consciously understanding the
rapport between the planets, signs, houses involved.

Then, consciously use their energies in constructive way.

4X: The MOON often grants sensitivity, empathy,
and emotional understanding. Be open and accepting.
Guard against becoming impatient or emotionally
detached. Opt for moderation.

4X: MERCURY presently favors go-getters who posses technical skills and work in real-estate, communications, teaching, trucking, bus drivers, and/or vehicle and other types of repair jobs.

4X: RETROGRADE MARS 3D SAYS: Avoid impulsiveness.
Resist being overly forceful when fighting for a cause.
High adaptability is preferable says RET SATURN 3D.

4X: JUPITER's position in your natal and transit charts
is an indicator of a rise of status & matching income.

4X: SATURN SAYS: Truth leads to recognition. You win.

4X: With URANUS 2D, any major change will probably
occur without warning. Get the facts (SATURN). Assess them. Then, make your moves accordingly (MARS)
based on the strategies proposed by experienced advisor.

WHY? Things are exhausted, they need refreshing.
HOW? "Uplift your spirits" says enthusiastic MARS.
You've got to overcome opposition and negativity.
Again, urgent destructive problems need solving.
"Get thing done NOW" says enthusiastic MARS.

4X: Watching health and diet will require dedicated work.

PS 6 = More about prescient MARC's prophetic visions:
Astro-Psychic MARC has a powerful sixth sense and
precognitive abilities based on
extra sensory perception combined with zodiacal astrology to solve problematic
question submitted by financial contributors. So many
richly satisfied with MARC's invaluable interpretation
of astro-transits and their mutual interactive aspects.
Remember this is real astrology, not just sun signs.

PS 7 = Since heartfelt courtesy combined with
gratefulness can get you considerable results,
mail us your much needed cash donation
(yearly US$20- or 20 EUROS fee) to:

QUEBEC, J1M 1T9, CANADA. Thank you.

*PS: No personal check please. WHY? Too many
bank returned 'No Sufficient Funds'

are answers to emails sent by Feedback Senders
and Donators who have stimulating planets located
at either
2D, 7D, 12D, 15D, 19D, 29 Degrees in their natal
Check your birth-chart and take

NOTE: The following forecasted events are potentials
not certainties. You will enjoy having more control over your destiny if you study in your natal chart the aspects your birth and today's transit planets make to each other.

Carefully note the position of your natal MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS. If any two of these planets are linked
by astro-aspects, there could be an impact on your Life

SUGGESTION: Do you have a clear idea of what is
really happening? Buy your own vibratory quartz

discover who you really are & what you should do.

With 6 retrogrades, resist making impulsive snap
decisions. Reconsider facts before acting on them,
before you attempt bold risky moves
Don't be blindly confident. Don't go full-speed ahead.
This is NOT the time to press complicated issues.

With 6 retrogrades, accident possibility is strong.

With 6 retrogrades, develop tough armor to protect
your relationships, your finances, and peace of mind.
To keep your Life as satisfying as possible, leave
nothing to chance. Absolutely nothing. Understand?

Is the right friendly faithful lover coming your way?
Why not? Simply, keep your heart filled and radiant.
With 6 retrogrades, be sure it is NOT a one-way romance.
Keep the brilliant shining stars flying Up in yr LOVE SKY.

With 6 retrogrades, be cautious in sensual matters
even if nesting instincts could be very strong. WHY?
You could get hooked up. HOW? Since sexual energy
might be overpowering, shield yourself (pregnancy).

Why? You could be drawn to the fascination of a
romantic affair with a companion or partner of a
different age group and/or a different cultural
background. Simply enjoy feeling loved.
But with 6 retrogrades, how long will this union last?

Are there reasons why you can't be friendly?
Be nice to one another even if you feel crabby-cranky.
Beware of being too secretive or suspicious.
That does NOT mean you should not show resistance. Simply be flexible, receptive
to different opinions, options.

With 6 retrogrades, don't take others for granted. WHY?
Disappointment and rejection, or ending a relationship
could be on your astro-menu. Again, seek true friends
and terminate your association with false admirers.
Meaning? Do your best to iron out differences. How?
Be flexible despite your tough steel-like exterior.
You surely deserve embracing a more loving world.

PS: Talk differences through. Avoiding a fight can be
more beneficial than becoming bogged down arguing.

With 6 retrogrades, safe-guard important documents.
You may misplace your credit cards or house-car keys.

QUESTION for YOU: Knotty financial problems?
Avoid going overboard. You could drown in debt.
Shed these blues. The problem is temporary anyway.

With 6 retrogrades, don't overextend your finances.
Travel could be hazardously risky. Triple-check your
insurance coverage. Money flows out faster than IN.

SO, budget your resources carefully.
Plan with potential (un)employment in mind.

With 6 retrogrades, redefine a clearer strategy before
you accept additional time consuming responsibilities.
To avoid burnout, bring things or situations to a close.
Even if you are a 'busy-bee', results might not be great.

With 6 retrogrades, important issues create a sense of urgency. Why? Problems can be major, far reaching.
But if If you make your efforts count, you could rebuild.
So, get up, get out, and get on with the task to be done.

QUESTION for YOU: Ready for a job/career switch?
Follow your ambitious detailed plans. Consult experts.

With 6 retrogrades, MARS is often powerful in its influence. MARS favors explorers and go-getters who are perceptive,
reliable, stable and dare follow their occupational instincts.

SUGGESTION: add the following to your list of priorities.

YOUR TOP PRIORITIES: Take situations as they are NOW.
Why? Tomorrow is another day possibly a solution day.
1) Maximize your problem solving skills. HOW?
Resist being too serious minded, or domineering.
2) Adjust your personal situation to your interests.
3) Move with calm. Reorganize your priorities.
4) Develop supportive relationships. How?
5) To know a companion, listen to his/her silences
and observe his/her non-movements. Be transparent.
6) Focus on maintaining emotional stability (SATURN).
7) Don't take on more than you can cope with.
8) Don't veer too far from familiar ground.
9) What seemed out of reach could become available.
10) Solve problems. Protect your sources of income.
11) Acquire specialized knowledge. Compare notes.
12) New opportunities bring development, fulfillment.
13) Refuse to be influenced by fraudulent callers,
and/or emailers.

PS: Stop hoping for a miracle solution to happen.
It won’t.
Only when certain essential conditions
are met can you hope to advance your aspirations.

Focusing on maintaining emotional stability
(SATURN) often leads to a balanced Life.

I modify the way I relate to others.
I base my approach on empathy.
I trust Life. I share Loving Kindness.

Marc, your meditation practice is simple & feasible.

-- Frank, Greenville, SC, USA.

TO KNOW MORE: call MARC at 1-819-812-4843.

I have confidence in my short-term destiny.
I keep active and busy.
I do fewer things, but I do them better.

I develop greater self-confidence.

I am getting better organized. I rethink my plans.
I reorganize my priorities.
I explore the most practical options.
I am a revenue generator.
I pay my bills easily. 
I am passionate about my work. 
I am personally satisfied and happy
I work hard for what I want and I get it.

bring stability in my Life. I live frugally.
This is my week for progress and achievement.

Did you know that it could be much preferable
to work in a space filled with natural lighting
surrounded by fresh plants with your back
away from the entrance door? Bright colors,
paintings and mirrors on a wall help too.
Plain common sense. More suggestions?

Bring into your living space natural materials
such as straw, cotton, solid wooden furniture,
stone or wood sculptures, big plants,
ceramics and similar objects that are
conducive to pleasurable vibes.
So, go ahead and materialize it.
VIVA FENG SHUI. Good Fortune

SUGGESTED BOOKS = How to Get a Job and Keep It:
An Essential Guide to Landing Your Ideal Job and
Making the Most of It
by Susan Morem

2- Dedication And Leadership by Douglas Hyde

3- Seizing the Moments: Making the Most of Life's Opportunities by James W. Moore

4- Overcoming Obstacles; Beating the Odds;
Maximizing Your Potential...Making the Most
of Your Opportunities
by Angelo Reynolds

TO KNOW MORE: Your future is now if you contact
astro-psychic MARC. You could
call MARC at
1-819-812-4843 or EMAIL Astro-Psychic MARC
at info@astromarc.com .

I exude warm self-assurance and
fierce intensity of intention.

I focus on projects that are simple and doable.
I do the right things to my advantage.
I focus on what I enjoy most and on what I can do best.
I improve my Life and the lives of others.
My work impacts my finances favorably.

My Life is back on track.

What I firmly believe, I can create.
There is a brighter future ahead of me.
I receive support from SPIRIT forces

What I firmly believe, I can create.

SUGGESTION: Please, as soon as the above forecast
materializes 4U, send Astro-Psychic MARC a US$20-
or 20 EUROS donation. That will help pay for the costly
upkeep of this FREE ASTROMARC website. Thank you.

NOTE = Dates listed below depend on your natal chart.

NOTE = The following astro-favorable dates JUL 22 to
are for the FIRST DECAN feedback senders
and contributors:
Molly, New Bedford, MA, USA;
Vivian, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND; Jessica, Boston, MA, USA; Francois, Geneva, SWITZERLAND; David, Albany, NY, USA; Marion, Bristol, UK; Maureen, Salinas, CA, USA; Frank, Greenville, SC, USA; Jonas, Livermore, CA, USA; Madelyn, Kent, England; Joshua, Miami, FL, USA; Theodora, Lisbon, PORTUGAL; Julia, Munich, GERMANY; Ron, Hartford, CT, USA; JoAnne, Lausanne, SUISSE;
Noah, Denver, Colorado, USA: Ricardo, Santiago, CHILE; Andy, Scarborough, CANADA; Sharon, New Bedford, MA, USA; Mikhail, Moscow, RUSSIA; Margaret, Etobicoke, CANADA; Janet, Phoenix, AZ, USA; Theo, Newcastle, AUSTRALIA; Jesse, Seattle, WA, USA; Tomas, Helsinki, SWEDEN; Sylvia, Philadelphia, PA, USA and many more.

OTHER FAVORABLE WEEKS could be WEEK of Aug 5 + WEEK of Aug 19 + WEEK of Aug 26 + WEEK of Sep 2 + WEEK of Sep 16 + WEEK of Sep 30 + WEEK of Oct 7 + WEEK of Oct 14 + WEEK of Oct 28 + WEEK of Nov 11 + WEEK of Nov 25 + WEEK of Dec 2 + WEEK of Dec 23.

SUGGESTED BOOKS BY = Mike Dooley, Gordon Adams, Gail Liberman, Dennis Leonard, S. Redgrave, N. Townsend, J. Hiatt, T. Creasey, David Allen, Harris Kern, Kerry Patterson, Robert Kegan, Earl R. Henslin, Eric Fromm, Patrick Fanning, Andrew Weil, Daniel G. Amen, Tim Hindle, Tom Rath, Con Hurley, Dave Pelzer, Roger Haydock, Lori Palatnik; Bob Burg; Michael D. Sedler; Sonja Lyubomirsky; David Richo; Stephen R. Covey; Rebecca R. Merrill; Eric Fromm; and Patrick Fanning; Gregg Easterbrook; John P. Kotter; M. J. Ryan; David Allen; Harris Kern; Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz; Bill Treasurer; Cathy Newton; Anthony Louis, John Holland, Paul Quinn and Rachel Joan Bunning, Doreen Virtue, Radleigh, C. Valentine and Steve A. Roberts, Dusty White and Brenda Rachel Pollack, Josephine Ellershaw and Ciro Marchetti, Heidi Darras and Barbara Moore, Peter J Morris, Marcus Katz, Kim Huggens, John Mangiapane, Corrine Kenner; and John C. Maxwell.

TESTIMONIAL: Thanks to Astromarc I take my Life less grimly. I learned to detach from the harmful. Thanks to the meditations I became fully conscious of what my feelings of sadness and learned to destroy painful emotions. From now on, I feel good about myself. I fully live my Life. Thank you -----Barry, Provo, UT, USA

TESTIMONIAL: I learned much from the wisdom provided by ASTROMARC. Overall, excellent  source of information for meditations. Great job, Marc. -----Miguel, Santa Fe, NM, USA

TESTIMONIAL: Thanks to Astromarc I rebuild confidence.
The person I have become, more competitive, bears little resemblance to the person I had been. I communicate more easily. I play an essential role in the community. Thank you Marc.
---Joan, Calgary, CANADA

TESTIMONIAL: ASTROMARC is one of the most informative astrology websites.  MARC wastes no time in getting to the point. Astrology comes alive via a lively writing style. ---Harold, LONDON, UK 

TESTIMONIAL: Marc, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your insightful forecasts and creative arts. Astromarc is a source of inspiration without the propaganda of the philosophy and religion. Congratulations for your continued efforts and remarkable achievement.---------Romano, Los Gatos, CA, USA

TESTIMONIAL: If you read lots of horoscopes like I do, there is something immediately different about ASTROMARC's astrological interpretations; they are written in a way than anyone can understand. I have found them very precise and accurate. The overall effect is rather convincing. Thank you, Marc------
Arriet, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA

TESTIMONIAL: One of my favorite metaphysical
websites.  I always come to your website to read
my horoscope. Very detailed and always on-point.
Great advice / meditations for self-improvement.
Marc's passion for his work and compassion
for others shines through.---Jude, Henderson, NV,

ATTENTION = To accelerate the process of your Life
getting back on track, do some visualization exercises. Mentally see the objectives you want to materialize.

Your next step is to clearly formulate and recite
assertive affirmations of what you want to happen
in your Life. If you consistently prove your total
Trust towards the UNIVERSE, Life will reward
you immensely. Trust Life.

What do you think? I would like to read your emailed comments and feedback so that I can provide you with more first class insight, useful tips. Why? Well, the forecasts on these ASTROMARC pages are in fact replies to feedback coming from people born in your decan.

FENG SHUI: One effective yet simple way to circulate
and spread luck and prosperity, please use plants and
crystals to help chi flow through your home or office.
To attract abundance, display flowering plants such
as orchids, tiger lilies. Put some Quartz Crystals near
the plants. True Dynamo these stones are.

Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy. Use live
plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems,
they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha
into positive chi.

One effective yet simple remedy to shield your home
from large or tall objects is to plant trees or shrubs around your house. To circulate and spread Good Fortune, use live plants and quartz crystals to help chi flow throughout your house and workplace.

Like crystals and bamboo stems, live flowers and plants enhance CHI movement by filtering and transforming negative SHA into positive CHI.

To improve the core essence of your daily existence, make your environment attractive and comfortable. It is much preferable to work in a space filled with natural lighting surrounded by fresh plants with your back away from the entrance door. Bright colors, paintings and mirrors on the wall of a clutter-free office do help too.

Buy ultra-bright lights, also buy three (yes, 3) medium size plants. (Red Tiger Lotus or Lilies). Also, acquire 6 quartz crystals, one for each corner of your house or apartment, put the fifth quartz crystal next to your computer and the 6th crystal next to your phone base. Remember, FENG SHUI works if you work to make it work.

trustSUGGESTION: From now on, each time you see the yellow road sign T, see it as meaning TRUST (TRUST LIFE). This week's astrological transits and aspects seem to favor those of you who are journeying on the Path with complete TRUST in Life. How can you TRUST Life?

By sharing and spreading True selfless and unconditional Compassionate Loving Kindness. By being kinder to your Self and more patient with your Self, by loving your body you amplify Joy and expand the Love you want to share with others. By forgiving your Self for your non-successes of the past. By replacing doubt with thoughts of successful accomplishment, that’s how you can fill your days with joy and happiness. In other words, by saying YES to Life. By trusting that Life will be kind to you in direct proportion to the kindness you have for your Self and for others.

That way you inner-grow and increase your chances to meet each new challenge as it arises and live a much happier Life. To gain greater control of your destiny, TRUST that you can do it. So, allow your inner Light to radiate the TRUST you have in Life. Your Cosmic potential is limitless.

However, that type of Cosmic Assignment is easier said than done. Indeed, it takes a lot of understanding of how Life works and lots of patience and persistence, but sooner than later Life will support your endeavors, your projects and will expand them. What are you waiting for? Simply, allow the good to come into your Life. Trust Life.

IMAGINE building of a social network of contacts and friends, and making committed connections with interesting, sentimental, romantic, passionate, and sensual people.

IMAGINE matching-up with a mate who has a solid background, who is autonomous, secure in his or her own successful career, work professional Life, and financially stable. Dream or reality? Entirely up to you to take advantage of current astrological facilitators. Your move.

z Please, if you want other people to benefit from this FREE ASTROMARC website, promote it on social networks. Thank you.

NOTE: The above astro-comments result from questions sent by FIRST DECAN FEEDBACK SENDERS from Boston, MA, USA; Birmingham, UK; Olympia, WA, USA; Innsbruck, SWITZERLAND; London, CANADA; Ridgewood, NJ, USA; Abu Dhabi; Portland, OR, USA; San Pedro, Honduras; Boston, MA, USA; Birmingham, UK; Olympia, WA, USA; Innsbruck, SWITZERLAND; London, CANADA; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Acapulco, Mexico; Evanston, IL, USA; Berlin, GERMANY; Strasbourg, FRANCE; Minneapolis, MN, USA; San Juan, PUERTO RICO; Cordoba, SPAIN; Chattanooga, TN, USA; Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS; Windsor, CANADA; Washington, DC, USA; Osaka, JAPAN; Hampton, UK; Colorado Springs, CO, USA; Jodhpur, INDIA; Lexington, KY, USA: Stavanger, NORWAY; Montclair, NJ, USA; Gloucester, UK; Franklin, TN, USA; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA: Encino, CA, USA;  Alexandria, EGYPT; Palo Alto, CA, USA; Hong Kong, CHINA; Orlando, FL, USA; Rio de Janeiro, BRAZI; Buffalo, NY, USA; Bilbao, SPAIN; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Connemara, IRELAND; Boca Raton, FL, USA; Warwickshire, UK; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; Mexico City, MEXICO; Middletown, CT, USA; Oslo, NORWAY; Magnolia, MS, USA; Montreal, CANADA; Detroit, MI, USA; Mexico City, MEXICO; Middletown, CT, USA; Oslo, NORWAY; Singapore, SINGAPORE; Oklahoma City, OK, USA: Brampton, CANADA; Evanston, IL, USA; Berlin, GERMANY; Singapore, SINGAPORE; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Columbus, OH, USA; Perth, AUSTRALIA; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Mexico, MEXICO; Orlando, FL, USA; Adelaide, AUSTRALIA; Oshkosh, WI, USA; Vilnius, LITHUANIA: Augusta, GA, USA; Kingston, CANADA; St. Paul, MN, USA; Johannesburg, SOUTH-AFRICA; Cleveland. OH, USA; Dublin, IRELAND; Huntsville, AL, USA; Boston, MA, USA; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Aurora, CO, USA; Stockholm, SWEDEN; Montreal, CANADA; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Paris, FRANCE; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Trisuli, NEPAL; Adelaide, AUSTRALIA; Augusta, GA, USA; Singapore, SINGAPORE; Burlington, VT, USA; Fort-St. Louis, ST. MARTIN; Saco, ME; USA; Karkkila, FINLAND; Charlotte, NC, USA; Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, SPAIN; Bizerte, TUNISIA; Sunnyvale, CA, USA; Ostrava, CZECH REPUBLIC; Liberal, KS, USA; Bandung, INDONESIA; El Paso, TX, USA; Eilat, Israel; Tristan, Seattle, WA, USA; Bangalore, INDIA; Glasgow, SCOTLAND; Dallas, TX, USA; Charlottetown, PEI, CANADA; London, UK; Wellington, NEW ZEALAND; Jacksonville NC, USA; Geneva, SWITZERLAND; Raleigh, NC, USA; Madrid, SPAIN; Decatur, GA; USA; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Columbus, OH, USA; Perth, AUSTRALIA; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Mexico, MEXICO; Orlando, FL, USA; Adelaide, AUSTRALIA; Oshkosh, WI, USA; Vilnius, LITHUANIA: Augusta, GA, USA; Kingston, CANADA; St. Paul, MN, USA; Johannesburg, SOUTH-AFRICA; Cleveland. OH, USA; Dublin, IRELAND; Huntsville, AL, USA; Boston, MA, USA; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Aurora, CO, USA; Stockholm, SWEDEN; Denver, Colorado, USA: Mumbai, INDIA; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Regina, CANADA: Aberdeen, SCOTLAND; Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL; Jersey, NJ, USA; Munich, GERMANY; Toronto, CANADA; Durban, SOUTH-AFRICA; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND; Vancouver, CANADA; Dublin, IRELAND; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Auckland, NEW ZEALAND; Boston, MA, USA; Houston, TX, USA: Squamich, CANADA: Palm Beach, USA; Salzburg, AUSTRIA; Colorado Springs, USA; Amsterdam, HOLLAND; Barcelona, CATALONIA; Syracuse, NY; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Dresden, GERMANY; Salem, OR, USA; Johannesburg, SOUTH-AFRICA; Memphis, TN, USA; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Aurora, CO, USA; Stockholm, SWEDEN; San Antonio, TX, USA; Colombo, SRI LANKA; Brussels, BELGIUM; Syracuse, NY, USA; Denver, Colorado, USA: Columbus, OH, USA; Baltimore, MD, USA; Koln, GERMANY; Mumbai, INDIA; Tulsa OK, USA; Lisbon, PORTUGAL; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Hamburg, GERMANY; Chicago, IL, USA; Sydney, AUSTRALIA; Guadalajara, MEXICO;Jersey, NJ, USA; Munich, GERMANY; Toronto, CANADA; Durban, SOUTH-AFRICA; London, UK; Wellington, NEW ZEALAND; Jacksonville NC, USA; Geneva, SWITZERLAND; Raleigh, NC, USA; Madrid, SPAIN; Decatur, GA; USA; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Columbus, OH, USA; Perth, AUSTRALIA; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Mexico, MEXICO; Orlando, FL, USA; Adelaide, AUSTRALIA; Oshkosh, WI, USA; Vilnius, LITHUANIA: Augusta, GA, USA; Kingston, CANADA; St. Paul, MN, USA; Johannesburg, SOUTH-AFRICA; Cleveland. OH, USA; Dublin, IRELAND; Huntsville, AL, USA; Boston, MA, USA; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Aurora, CO, USA; Stockholm, SWEDEN; Denver, Colorado, USA: Mumbai, INDIA; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Regina, CANADA; Northampton, MA, USA.


3'x4', Oil Silicone Artwork
painted in 2002


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