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UPDATING JUNE 26-27-28 =
This astro-period of difficulties is coming to a
timely end. Since the accomplishment of a goal
require many long weeks of effort if not
months (depending
on the number of retrogrades
and square aspects
in your natal astro-chart)
the necessary determination should
bring you satisfactory rewards over the long run.

PS: Cosmic Forces are our supportive friends.
Good Fortune is astro-

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PS: If and when the 4cast is not updated 4 today,

it simply means that the 4cast still applies to you today.

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ASTRO-NOTE == The following DAILY REVISED TREND FORECASTS are answers to emails sent by Feedback Senders and Financial Contributors worldwide. You are NOT a financial contributor? Why should we work for free?

Your Cosmic Assignment is to continue to push
forward. A calm thoroughness, great determination, persistence will see you through. Get experienced contacts. An unexpected breakthrough is coming.

This is no time to retreat. Communicating your
desires to reliable contacts and supporters could
help you materialize them. As always, once
start doing what is good for your welfare, not much
should stand in the way of your progress. No doubt
that with time you will grow further. Give it time.

Being blessed with a sense of altruism adds value
to your self-confident, joyful personality. Thanks to
your deep sense of connectedness, you are respected
for the constructive impact you have on your community.

Because you make others feel uplifted, your presence
is truly appreciated. Right? And you say you find it
difficult to have any long-term relationship. Expect exceptional Good Luck, this coming week of AUGUST 6.

This is no time to retreat. Thanks to your force
of character, you presently have the opportunity

give your Life a sense of purpose. Not long after,
an unexpected breakthrough should make your Life
more satisfying. So, if you attend to the business at
hand, the pendulum should swing back in your favor.

NOW to JUNE 30 is not an astro-period for great
endeavor. Do not overlook anything when you
attend to your tasks. Do not let anything risky slip by.

Please note ==
The following forecast is in accordance with the
Cosmic Spirits. For that reason many visitors
and emailers consult this ASTROMARC website
so they can rebuild their Life on solid foundations.
That's what their numerous feedbacks say to MARC.

With stimulating MARS transiting your decan (BREAKTHROUGH), you could be driven by
your ambitious goals.
To transform a challenge
that's chasing you, emotional intelligence or
intuitive intellect
empower you to remove
the obstacles in the pathway to your goals.
It's all a question of planning and strategy.

YES, take all that Cosmic energy and direct it
towards the transformation of your lifestyle.

Remember, progress happens when you
let go of whatever is holding you back.
1- Turning the page. Changing chapter.
2- Redefining your inner-strengths.
3- Making the impossible possible.
4- Finding a way out of aloneness.
5- You deserve the very best.

I am mindful and engaged with what I am doing.
I am organized, consistent, reliable, and persistent.
I walk the path of determination.
I have confidence in my own resources.
I am willing to make permanent changes.
I enhance my practical skills.
I earn good money.
What I firmly believe, I can create.
I accumulate moments of happiness.
I am grateful for the good that happens in my Life.
I enjoy jolts of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
My heart overflows with radiant joy. I am happy, finally.
I make an amazing life for myself and my loved ones

TESTIMONIAL: Marc, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for your insightful forecasts and creative arts. Astromarc is a source of inspiration without the propaganda of the philosophy and religion.
ASTROMARC's astrological interpretations are
written in a way than anyone can understand.

Thank you so much for your practical and valuable insights.
---PHILLIP, Winnipeg, CANADA

TESTIMONIAL: ASTROMARC has changed my life. It is
well written, and I was surprised to see how connected with astrology it is. ASTROMARC inspires personal transformation. Just amazing. I highly recommend
it to anyone who wants to explore the Cosmos.
--- Kenneth, Baltimore, MD, USA


ATTENTION== You can apply this ASTROMARC forecast
with greater precision if you know which degree planets MARS, JUPITER, and SATURN were transiting in your astro-birth chart. If you don’t know that most important fact, email ASTROMARC the fully filled QUESTIONNAIRE (left sidebar) at

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ATTENTION: To accelerate the process of your Life
getting back on track, do some visualization exercises. Mentally see the objectives you want to materialize.

Your next step is to clearly formulate and recite assertive affirmations of what you want to happen in your Life. If you consistently prove your total Trust towards the UNIVERSE, Life will reward you immensely. Trust Life.

What do you think? I would like to read your emailed comments and feedback so that I can provide you with more first class insight, useful tips. Why? Well, the forecasts on these ASTROMARC pages are in fact replies to feedback coming from people born in your decan.

FENG SHUI: One effective yet simple way to circulate
and spread luck and prosperity, please use plants and crystals to help chi flow through your home or office. To attract abundance, display flowering plants such as orchids, tiger lilies. Put some Quartz Crystals near the plants. True Dynamo these stones are.

Dried flowers give off excessive yin energy. Use live plants as much as possible because they enhance chi movement and, like crystals and hollow bamboo stems, they seem to have the capacity to filter negative sha into positive chi.

Remember, If you are thankful for all of the love and prosperity that have been manifesting in your Life over
the years, chances are that it will keep on multiplying during 2017.

trustSUGGESTION: From now on, each time you see the yellow road sign T, see it as meaning TRUST (TRUST LIFE). This week's astrological transits and aspects seem to favor those of you who are journeying on the Path with complete TRUST in Life. How can you TRUST Life?

By sharing and spreading True selfless and unconditional Compassionate Loving Kindness. By being kinder to your Self and more patient with your Self, by loving your body you amplify Joy and expand the Love you want to share with others. By forgiving your Self for your non-successes of the past. By replacing doubt with thoughts of successful accomplishment, that’s how you can fill your days with joy and happiness. In other words, by saying YES to Life. By trusting that Life will be kind to you in direct proportion to the kindness you have for your Self and for others.

That way you inner-grow and increase your chances to meet each new challenge as it arises and live a much happier Life. To gain greater control of your destiny, TRUST that you can do it. So, allow your inner Light to radiate the TRUST you have in Life. Your Cosmic potential is limitless.

However, that type of Cosmic Assignment is easier said than done. Indeed, it takes a lot of understanding of how Life works and lots of patience and persistence, but sooner than later Life will support your endeavors, your projects and will expand them. What are you waiting for? Simply, allow the good to come into your Life. Trust Life.

IMAGINE building of a social network of contacts and friends, and making committed connections with interesting, sentimental, romantic, passionate, and sensual people.

IMAGINE matching-up with a mate who has a solid background, who is autonomous, secure in his or her own successful career, work professional Life, and financially stable. Dream or reality? Entirely up to you to take advantage of current astrological facilitators. Your move.

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OH, USA; Dublin, IRELAND; Huntsville, AL, USA; Boston, MA, USA; Melbourne, AUSTRALIA; Aurora, CO, USA; Stockholm, SWEDEN; Denver, Colorado, USA: Mumbai, INDIA; Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Regina, CANADA: Janet, Phoenix, AZ, USA; Theo, Newcastle, AUSTRALIA; Jesse, Seattle, WA, USA; Tomas, Helsinki, SWEDEN; Sebastian, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA; Eric, Quebec, CANADA; Billy, Greenville, SC, USA; Manuel, Besancon, FRANCE; Keith, El Paso, TX, USA; Rachel, Koln,GERMANY; Geraldine, Bridgeport, CT, USA; Sasha, Riga LATVIA: Sally, Scranton, PA, USA; Kumari, Colombo, SRI LANKA; Joey, Fresno, CA, USA; Ahmed, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA; Ashley, Rochester, NY, USA; Antonia, Timisoara, ROMANIA; Matt, San Bernardino, CA, USA; Julius, Johannesburg, SOUTH-AFRICA; Amber, Boca Raton, FL, USA; Harry, Sudbury, CANADA; Betsy, Baton Rouge, LA, USA; Hugo, Gand, BELGIUM; Graham, Omaha, NB, USA; Seth, Haifa, ISRAEL; Kristy, Cleveland, OH, USA; Antony, North-Bay, CANADA; Rosa, Rheinstein, GERMANY; Sarah, Orlando, FL, USA; Amsala, Tunis, TUNISIA; Donna, Spring Valley, CA, USA; Marina, Vienna, AUSTRIA; Kevin, Pasadena, TX, USA; Daniel, Lyon, FRANCE; Kendal, Juno, ALASKA, USA; Leonart, Roermond, NETHERLANDS; Jake, South Bend, IN, USA: Geraldine, Derby, Derbyshire, ENGLAND; Tobey, Tampa, FL, USA; Simone, Oakville, CANADA; Roberta, Springfield, MI, USA; Antonio, Lisbon, PORTUGAL; Phyllis, Reno, NV, USA; Rudolph (Ruddy), Basel, SWITZERLAND; Gail, Chicago, IL, USA; Francois, Sainte-Marie-de-la-mer, FRANCE; Garry, Albany, NY, USA; Mohamed, Casablanca, MOROCCO; Barbara, Louisville, KY, USA; Jeff, Montreal, CANADA; Jennifer, Denver, CO, USA; Hoang, Taipei, TAIWAN; Emily, Sacramento, CA, USA; Cheri, Aberdeen, Karoo, SOUTH AFRICA; Carly, Hackensack, NJ, USA; Anton, Stockholm, SWEDEN; Hugh, Memphis, TN, USA; Alex, Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA; Barney, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Damian, Yorkshire, UK; Josy, Iowa City, IA, USA; Julian, Connemara, IRELAND; Jed, Atlanta, GA, USA; Marcello, Roma, ITALY; Tracy, Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Nadja, Bucharest, ROMANIA; Matt, Madison, WI, USA; Pieter, Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS; Shelly, Northampton, MA, USA.

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3'x3' Oil, Excavated Silicone Artwork
painted in 2001


TESTIMONIAL: Marc your astrology predictions and spiritual meditations give me courage. Emotions can only paralyse. I had to make decisions. I moved to Scotland and now live with my sister Bonnie. Thank you for your time Marc. I shall continue to visit the ASTROMARC site for more informed astrological insights. -----Maira, Sterling, SCOTLAND, UK

TESTIMONIAL: Marc, I like the well structured and easy to read user friendly ASTROMARC website. I also like your warmly conversational style. You have a superior gift of forecasting. Such precise prediction service is a hard thing to find these days on the internet and you have a gem of a website. While this is a relatively small website, the message is huge. It is empowering, transformational or life changing. You did an excellent job. Thank you so much for your practical and valuable insights.
---Elizabeth, HONG KONG, CHINA

TESTIMONIAL: If you read lots of horoscopes like I do, there is something immediately different about ASTROMARC's astrological interpretations; they are written in a way than anyone can understand. I have found them very precise and accurate. The overall effect is rather convincing. Thank you, Marc-----Allison, Adelaide, AUSTRALIA  

TESTIMONIAL: ASTROMARC does a great job at simplifying astrology. With his suggestions, MARC gets to the core issues and uses a common sense approach when he gives practical advices and cites examples for readers at all levels. Easy to read and down to earth. I highly recommend ASTROMARC.

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