btg Forecasts for your SOLAR & LUNAR astro-signs:

1- Many UPS - many DOWNS THIS WEEK and NEXT.
4- Misperceptions and misunderstandings
need to be discussed & resolved.
5- Beware of rash actions or impetuous decisions.
6- Delete what is irrational. Focus on trustworthiness.

Your gain? Major gains could bloom late FEBRUARY.
Soon some of you will undertake a major turnaround.
Soon some of you will rise like a PHOENIX.
The next step is yours to take.

NOTE: To analyze your astro-natal-chart,
fully fill the questionnaire form and submit
it to Astro-Psychic-MARC.

I welcome stability in my Life.
I command a great deal of respect.
My life-style evolves according to my plans.

Your 2019 favorable dates could be those listed
on your astro-zodiac-sign + decan page;
+ PLUS your own personal dates emailed by

MAX-CAUTION: A virulent strain of INFLUENZA could
hit millions. This nasty situation might get unusually
intense. Get your FLU SHOTS TODAY. It's URGENT.

Brace yourself for the approaching storms.

Check and update all your insurance policies.
2- Deadly Massive Destruction Worldwide.
3- Expect rumbling, turbulent, bumpy weather
PLUS earthquake, flooding, avalanches, forest fires.

Be more concerned about your physical safety
and material security endangered by significant
severe storms, tornadoes, typhoons, catastrophic
devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, MONSTER
KILLER HURRICANE, torrential cascading rains,
devastating mud or rock slides at record levels,
SOUTH AMERICA), major scorching wildfire storms

FEBRUARY 2019: Why am I so optimistic about 2019?
Projects could take shape more rapidly than
expected for doers and go-getters. Be audacious.

MARCH 2019: If you have a ‘whatever-it takes’ PIGGY
attitude confidently move forward and upward.
In other words, having a winning strategy
(self-responsibility, accountability) combined
with self-confidence, and self-trust are the key
components of your PIGGY success during 2019.

PS: It would be unwise to sit back and hope for
a miracle to happen.
Only when certain essential
conditions are met could you advance your aspirations.

SUGGESTED BOOKS BY: Allan Kardec, Nicolas Flamel,
John Gray, Stephane Allix, Larry Dossey, Marci Shimoff,
Donna Eden, Raymond Aaron, Robert Hoss, Matt Gallant.

alert light very small WARNING: Please take extra precautions
with health and safety issues. A virulent strain
of INFLENZA could hit millions. Get your flu shots.

PS: It would be unwise to sit back and hope for
a miracle to happen.
Only when certain essential
conditions are met you could advance your aspirations.

w Greetings Truth Explorers and Welcome
to Truth Explorers and Financial Contributors who seek
to overcome the squares, oppositions, and retrogrades
that hold them back from reaching their full potential.

btg For more than 25 years on the web, Astro-Psychic MARC
has been providing FREE answers to thousands of
Feedback Senders and Financial Contributors in over
85 countries around the world.

btg Thousands of testimonials confirm that FACT.
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btg Here are some of the benefits you could get on ASTROMARC.

w w 1- Daily updated OCCIDENTAL ASTROLOGY offered
by DECAN (10 day period) in your natal OCCIDENTAL SOLAR
Zodiac Sign; click on OCCIDENTAL ASTROLOGY.

ww 2- The ORIENTAL ASTROLOGY or MING SHU, based on
popular inspirational Oriental philosophy divided into 12
animal signs, is weekly modified so is the I CHING forecast.

- OX

wwNOTE: if you do not know your natal ORIENTAL LUNAR
TAOIST animal sign, click on this link ORIENTAL ASTROLOGY.


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btg How ASTROMARC can assist you personally.

Internationally recognized as one of the world's
astro-psychics, MARC has devoted most
of his lifetime
to the esoteric world & the abstract arts.

Astro-psychic MARC writes the revealing forecasts
with the authority of more than 50 years of experience
exploring genuine paranormal phenomena.

On this ASTROMARC website Feedback Senders
and Money Contributors could receive:

btg 1- astrological compatibility chart services.
btg 2- job-career chart services.

btg 3- Occidental ASTROLOGY and chart reading.
These Western Astroscopes are clearly written
to enhance your potential for
growth and an
enjoyable lifestyle in the material world.

These insightful forecasts are crafted and
with a wealth of practical information
and clear honest answers
that are based on
the reality expressed in the hundreds of emails

that readers and feedback senders from all parts
of the globe send to MARC
each day 24/24;
7/7/365 since 1994 on the web.

Since MARC displays remarkable insights into
the emotions and motivations of email senders,
MARC's esoteric knowledge reflected in his
uplifting astro-psychic guidance, that aligns

with factual reality not with some potentially
future possibilities, has greatly benefited
of readers like you who are searching
for personal satisfaction,
contentment, happiness.

btg 4- Inspiring influential Oriental MING SHU
ASTROLOGY contains
some of the keys to
self-mastery and profound inner transformation

both in the general and spiritual context.

btg 5- TAROT CARDS interpretations could help you
improve your
intuitive creativity & sense of interpretation.

btg 6- Suggested MEDITATIONS on how to awaken
your powers within.
These clear instructions can be
applied in the lives of people who
seek enlightening

btg 7- The refreshing and stimulating MANTRAS
could generate
renewed vigor and open new
doors of possibilities.

btg 8- The VISUALIZATION practices could help
you control your destiny,
lead richer, fuller
material, spiritual lives.

btg 9- FENG SHUI: Good Fortune does not just
It is often generatedin the places
where you live and work.

FENG SHUI could have a profound influence
on your
environment possibly by making simple
changes to your home,
your living and work spaces.

btg 10- Abstract expressionist paintings by
These artworks
on each page are created for you to contemplate.

Fully satisfied Truth Explorers and Determined
Go-Getters, Doers, and Achievers worldwide
attest in the Testimonials Pages
(left sidebar)
that the predictive revelations made by
Astro-Psychic MARC on this FREE WEBSITE
consistently exceed their expectations.

If ASTROMARC is able to do that for others,
why not for you? So, to take advantage, email
MARC the fully filled questionnaire.

btg Honest rapid service is fundamental at
ASTROMARC. Welcome and Enjoy.



NEW Year of the PIG: It is imperative that you
make some adjustments and bring major corrections.
Make the most of your abilities, talents, and strengths.

YOUR TOP PRIORITIES: Take situations as they are NOW.
Why? Tomorrow is another day possibly a solution day.
1) Maximize your problem solving skills. HOW?
Resist being too fate/destiny (karma) minded.
2) Adjust your personal situation to your interests.
3) Move with calm. Reorganize your priorities.
4) Develop supportive relationships. How?
5) To know a companion, listen to his/her silences
and observe his/her non-movements. Be transparent.
6) Don't hesitate to call for assistance or support
from colleagues, family, and close friends.
7) Be more transparent when you share in a deep sense.

8) Focus on maintaining emotional stability (SATURN).

9) Don't take on more than you can cope with.
10) Don't veer too far from familiar ground.
11) What seemed out of reach could become available.
12) Solve problems. Protect your sources of income.
13) Acquire specialized knowledge. Compare notes.
14) New opportunities bring development, fulfillment.
15) Refuse to be influenced by fraudulent callers,
and/or emailers.

These strategies listed on this website do work
for many emailers who fully
fill the questionnaire
form and submit it to Astro-Psychic-MARC.

To contact ASTRO-PSYCHIC MARC personally
please send detailed email to:

I bounce back. I turn my Life around.
I achieve a short-term objective.
I focus on dedication and commitment.
I work hard for what I want and I get it.
My Life is getting more satisfying and enjoyable.   
I am kind, friendly, connected to others.

My smiling attitude is very much in demand.
I stay in contact.
There is a brighter future ahead of me.
I receive support from my loving COSMIC SPIRITS.

PS: Cosmic Spirits are our supportive friends.
Allow the Cosmic Forces to intervene HERE and NOW.
Good Fortune is indicated. Your situation will improve.

SUGGESTED BOOKS BY = Mike Dooley, Gordon Adams,
Gail Liberman, Dennis Leonard, S. Redgrave, N. Townsend,
J. Hiatt, T. Creasey, David Allen, Harris Kern, Kerry Patterson,

Robert Kegan, Earl R. Henslin, Eric Fromm, Patrick Fanning,
Andrew Weil, Daniel G. Amen, Tim Hindle, Tom Rath, Con Hurley,

Dave Pelzer, Roger Haydock, Lori Palatnik; Bob Burg;
Michael D. Sedler; Sonja Lyubomirsky; David Richo;
Stephen R. Covey; Rebecca R. Merrill; Eric Fromm;
Gregg Easterbrook; John P. Kotter; M. J. Ryan;
David Allen; Harris Kern; Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz;
Bill Treasurer; Cathy Newton;

Anthony Louis, John Holland, Paul Quinn and Rachel
Joan Bunning, Doreen Virtue, Radleigh, C. Valentine
and Steve A. Roberts, Dusty White and Brenda Rachel
Pollack, Josephine Ellershaw and Ciro Marchetti,
Heidi Darras and Barbara Moore, Peter J Morris,
Marcus Katz, John Mangiapane; and John C. Maxwell.

There is a better Life in your near future if you
rethink your priorities, set them along more
realistic lines. So, be daring, more assertive,
and push ahead with great determination.

NOW you have the opportunity to progress, and grow.
Sudden expansion, could generate additional source
of income. Look around. New opportunities are available.
Make the most of these opportunities.

Again, look around. Ask around. Money is available.
Give your Self a chance to be happy finally.
Be part of the picture. Care about other beings.
Share compassionate kindness. Share your support.

PS: Promoting ASTROMARC on social networks might
be a way to compensate for the time and research,
I spent working very hard (10 hours per day minimum
for 23 years with absolutely NO PAY) for ASTROMARC
visitors like you. ---- Friendly regards, MARC.

I focus on projects that are simple and doable.
I develop greater self-confidence.
I am getting better organized.
I rethink my plans.
I reorganize my priorities.
I explore the most practical options.
I bring stability in my Life.
I do the right things to my advantage.
I focus on what I enjoy most; on what I can do best.
I am becoming a more satisfied and happier person.
What I firmly believe, I can create.

ATTENTION: You could get your own personal
2018 ASTRODATES if you email ASTROMARC
the fully filled QUESTIONNAIRE (left sidebar) at



1- Something favorable happens when
2- you contact the Cosmic Spirits during meditation.

3- While meditating and receiving a constant flow
of relaxation,
4- examine your thoughts and feelings and
5- clearly see what you are like and
6- what abilities and talents you can share
with others.

7- At that moment you will realize that
8- your personal progress is in exact proportion
9- to the amount of willingness you invest to
transform your Life.

10- That’s self-realization and self-advancement.

11- So, try it right now. Meditate. Observe.
12- Judge nothing. Simply watch without comment
with receptive detachment.
14- Don’t interfere with your thinking process.
15- Simply look. Let thinking be. With time this
too shall pass.

I am a proactive member of the Cosmic Creative Force


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forecast materializes 4U, send Astro-Psychic MARC
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Life of this ASTROMARC website. Please give. Simply send
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It would be of great assistance.

btg MANTRA: I develop self-confidence. I gain strength.
I take a simple, intelligent approach. I move forward.
I overcome difficulties. I reach out to others.

I promote my strength and human values.
I find more pleasant work I really care about.
I am more productive. I do a satisfactory job.
I receive fair compensation. I stabilize my finances.
I feel more secure and emotionally stable.
I make my home more comfortable.
I boost my Love Life. I enjoy energy and warmth.
I am personally satisfied interacting with others.
I'm OK. I love. I am truly loved. I am happy.

btg PS: I would like to read your emailed comments
and feedback so that I can provide you with more
first class insight, information, and useful tips. Why?

Well, most of the forecasts written on these ASTROMARC
web-pages are in fact answers to feedback originating
from ASTROMARC Truth Explorers and readers like you.

Thank you for your support. -----Astro-Psychic MARC a



str w ATTENTION: It is important for all ASTROMARC
readers to know that whatever MARC is doing, Occidental,
Oriental Astrology, I Ching, Tarot cards interpretation, or
Psychic work his job is to point to the doors of your
potential opportunities. The responsibility to open
these doors of opportunity is yours and yours only.

If you doubt that the FREE astrological guidance
generously shared with you on this ASTROMARC
website could help you on your path to active
emotional, financial, occupational, and material
recovery, well, believe nothing unless it agrees
with your own sense of educated reasoning,
religious programming, and general basic
common sense. As simple as that.

Intuitive, alert, emotionally intelligent daily
visitors who have the passion for Occidental
and Oriental astrology, and the precious psychic
spark are the ones who benefit most..

I sincerely trust you are one of them. Enjoy
the journey on ASTROMARC and live in
harmony with the Cosmic Forces.

My best wishes for serenity, joy, happiness,
contentment, health, and prosperity you so
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Integrity, honesty, and sincerity are some of MARC’s
principles. This attitude provides a basis of trustworthiness
between you the reader of this ASTROMARC website and MARC.

How useful, anyway, is it to know what Life may hold for
you? Well, it could help you take preventive action, fine, but
Astrology and Psychic Work are not intended to reduce
your tension and anxiety when you face uncertainty.

So, what to do? Well, think of the worst thing that has
happened in your Life, then remember how you coped
when you faced such challenges. You probably came out
just fine. Right?

So, please do not depend on predictive Astrology
or Psychic work to help you get what you most want.

Of course Astrology works best for people who think there
are advantages. If my guidance helps you move forward
away from uncertainty, fine.

Many readers of this ASTROMARC website find my writings
helpful. But to make informed decisions, better consult with
a professional legal, religious, relationship, financial, or medical
expert, certainly not an Astrologer or a Psychic who might not
be professionally qualified and experienced to give such crucial

Remember, Astrology works if you work to make it work.
Astrology might give you the impetus you need such as
giving up a job you hate, getting out of a terrible possibly
abusive relationship, or taking a trip you plan on taking.

Astrological guidance is an inspiration not a recommendation.
like a tour guide, an astrologer proposes a journey, you travel.

In all these cases, only your determined efforts could bring
you the materialization of your desires.
Not my wishes, as well intended as they may be.

Always keep in mind that my copy is written and posted
on this FREE ASTROMARC website for millions and millions
of people born at different dates, hours, and locations who
each experience different situations even if those who were born
on the same day, same time, same location.
You know that.

Therefore, if you find my copy seems to be personalized,
tailor fit, and that it applies to your particular situation, fine.

But more often you will find that the shoe does not fit;
that situation or suggestion does not apply to you, fine with me 2.

Though I much prefer to be optimistic and uplifting in my
astrological approach, if you do not like the messages
on this ASTROMARC website,
if the forecasts do not apply
to your particular situation, simply disregard them; as simple
as that. That's your privilege, prerogative, your choice, and freewill.

Again, if ASTROMARC helps you make good Life choices
and live a much fuller Life, fine with me. I simply did my job.

As simple as that. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just that; a push.

ASTROMARC has been able to help others, why not help you?
Many faithful readers attest in writing that ASTROMARC made,
makes, and keeps on making a huge difference in their lives.

According to the numerous testimonials I receive on a daily
basis, my suggestions were the start of an empowering journey
for many of you.

Remember, talking your options through with an accredited
professional counselor will probably help you find the best
tailor-made strategy.

Reassuring, isn't it?

As always the outcome is entirely up-to-you. Certainly not me!

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my guidance with you.

My best wishes for happiness, love, warmth and kinship, health,
contentment, and financial security, you so justly deserve.

Blessings to you all, including me*. ------MARC a

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