Meditation, Visualization and Affirmation Practice

Dear Truth Explorer, you have the opportunity to expand your personal awareness through the most simple and easy process of the Meditation, Visualization and Affirmation Practice. You are hereby invited to do the following Meditation on Abundance and for True and Durable Success. Good and betterment are yours to get now.

I write this Meditation following a personal encounter with and channel via Aaron Cliff-Walker, my Spirit Guide, the very reason you may trust the effectiveness of this World Peace meditation. This profound World Peace meditation comes from the very depth of Aaron Cliff-Walker's being where inner beauty glows, inner light shines and silence radiates, a place where relaxation flows so peacefully.

Some of you will attain spiritual heights by being more open to accept whatever Spiritual Guidance you could receive during such a precious exchange with your Spirit Guides.

I believe that God's Compassionate Love is always available to us, along with His Compassionate Justice. God's ever-flowing abundance is always available to those who dare look. Good and betterment are yours to get now.

The following meditation might help you discover that Freedom of choice, and freewill are God's truest form of Justice.

Good and betterment are yours to get now no matter what your past was.

Abundance is yours to harvest. The minimum one could receive from this meditation is to more awake,more connected to God. And, as you get more God-connected, as you accept to the Reality of what is for what it is, you become the master of your destiny.

The following meditation is an excellent opportunity for you to learn to remain with the flow of Life. In this Universe there are winners who never quit and quitters who never win.

Please thank God for the opportunity (karma) that is constantly presented to you, to yield, to meditate and to concentrate on self-realization.

The following meditation on Abundance is conceived in such a way so that your future should be erected on a more solid foundation.

Life is a Journey.

You're on the Path which is filled with on-going "junk problems" which are most of the time beyond your control. But if you would care to look by yourself, to search the Infinite using your spiritual telescope you would discover by yourself and for yourself solutions that work.

The only thing that is important to remember here is by being more Loving,more open to abundance, this meditation can make a world of difference in the quality of your Life and we will all live in a more loving and compassionate world.

The ultimate reward is that Life is going to get a lot easier for many of you. Indeed, quite often, while meditating an insightful answer to your problem (junk food) will open like a rose and pop into your head.

NOTE: Don't expect instant results. This meditation is not "instant coffee". It's more of a slow brew, a womb-like process. Slowly, gradually, you celebrate.

So, feel welcome to sit, meditate and experience "bliss" for your self. I am sure that this meditation will give a "boost" to your spiritual progress, no matter what path you walk on.

SUGGESTION: It would be much easier for you if you were to record on a tape recorder the following process. That way you could listen to the recorded procedures while doing the meditation. That way you won't have to read these instructions while doing the meditation.


FIRST, I create the time for quiet contemplation. Find a space to meditate. Find a place where no one will disturb you. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down (or even stand, if you prefer--go with what feels comfortable and settling to your own inner sense). I find a quiet place where I won't be disturbed. Alone, true to my being, sitting silently, doing nothing, dropping all thinking, rooted in pure consciousness, in an apparent emptiness, I meditate in a comfortable, private and quiet room, my own sanctuary.

Please sit in a space filled with dimmed lights, twilight, quietness and silence. If you prefer, sit in a comfortable chair in a room by yourself with no distraction.

Set a regular time every day to do this meditation.

Keep that space clean. Burn incense. Before you enter that Space, take a bath or a shower. To rest your body, blankets, cushions and pillows are essential. The Meditation should be done in silence. Be silent, please. This silence should bring the greater clarity necessary to be able to watch the images.

Play some soft music if you want. Soft, relaxing music while meditating also helps increase high spiritual vibrations which can stimulate psychic flashes.

ATTENTION: You may want to close your eyes if you wish, or keep them open if you prefer. Your "comfort zone" will tell you what works best for you in the moment.

Get into a comfortable position where you can be relatively still for about 20 minutes.

ATTENTION: you do not have to keep your back ramrod-straight and stiff, you do not need to cross or twist up your limbs, you do not have to lock your hands into a "mudra" (palms pressed in a prayer position) you do not have to make any special noises (aOUMMM) to receive Cosmic energy. Just find a position in which you are comfortable and still aware. Simply sit or lay down comfortably without any other artifax next to you.

ATTENTION: You don't need an altar, icon, incense, or any special environmental trappings. You just need a quiet place where you can be with your inner self and with the Cosmic energies that flow through us when we are in a silent and receptive inner place. Again, I repeat, sit down on a high cushion cross-legged on the floor, but a chair is fine as well. Yes, sit in stillness.

Listen to your body: let it tell you what position allows you to settle down and open to your inner life. Sit still in a quiet room where no one will bother you. I sit down comfortably in a very relaxed manner with eyes closed.

My own experience: When I sit down in my usual place of meditation, I bring awareness in my body. I let my attention rest easily on the sensations of my physical being. I become fully aware of a tingling here, a cramp there as they arise and pass away. I never interrupt the meditative process not even to answer the phone, of course. That would break the spell.

Once you've gotten to the place of stillness within, with the least amount of tension possible, you are ready to begin.

For this Spiritual Service to be fully pleasurable, I totally surrender, relax and let go the preoccupation of my daily routine.

I breath slowly, consciously and calmly in a very sensual way. Breathe normaly and start to push air OUT. Exhale deeply until empty.

Do nothing else. No ritual, no nose scratching. There is absolutely nothing to do for the moment, except deep relaxed breathing.

I calmly breathe. I take a deep breath, and fully concentrating on each breath without thinking of anything else.

My own experience: As I mentally feel my arms, my legs, I start to focus on my breath. I let my breath come easily and naturally. I breathe out, I breathe in.

Feel relaxation gradually invading your heart, abdomen, brain, or other organ or body system.

Imagine this relaxation under the form of "Warm Honey Golden Light".

There is no need for the moment to breathe in a particular way (deeply, shallowly, forcefully, or anything else): just be aware of what happens within when you breathe.

While meditating absorb the transformative Cosmic energy that is filling your body.

Breathe in and OUT and focus on the OUT.

Let the INtake work on its own.

For SERENITY BREATHING, don't struggle with my mind.

Calmly inhale slowly through your nose.
Mentally direct your breath down into your lower abdomen.

Forcefully breathe OUT.

You are entering a QUESTION ZONE, consequently, please tape these questions. When you tape this process, please allow 2 minutes of silence between each question. Listen to the following questions.




What are your true values? Is it happiness, material possessions and comfort?

Imagine that you could have what you want, how will you materialize it in your Life?

Can you describe in a way which is believable to you and others what you want to achieve? You cannot expect others to believe that you can be who you want to be and have what you want to have if you do not believe it yourself.

Once you totally trust in all your fibers that you will reach a certain particular goal, how long do you think it could take for you to achieve the mental picture just have just imagined?

Keep on breathing deeply. Do deep, abdominal breathing. Let deep, spontaneous breathing continue.

Allow the deep breaths to flow. These deep breaths open up your chest.

Keep on seeing all that is constantly going on in your mind. Don't comment. Breathe. Don't react. Don't interfere.

Breathing is the secret. Inhale in a passive way. Exhale in an assertive way until totally empty. Then, let the inhaling process take place on it own accord.


Exhale unwanted material. Feel the deep breath opening your back from bottom to the neck. Breathe and move your neck. It will tune your entire body.

Breathe and feel. Feel the breath in your belly. Feel the wave sweeping over.

Be in tune with your breathing and

Feel the deep breath opening your chakras from the bottom one to the crown.

Just feel the deep relaxation in the neck and shoulders.

Breathe and slowly move your neck.

It will tune your entire body. Tuning your entire body is such a fulfilling experience to enjoy and relax into.

So while doing this meditation. Be patient. Go slowly. Take time to breathe. Inhale naturally and intelligently. Exhale forcefully. Inhale inner Peace. Exhale your fears, your problems. Get them out of your system.

While you feel relaxed and centered, please take time to be grateful and thank whomever happens to be at the center of your belief system for bringing all that abundance you wish to be part of your Life. For instance, you could say something like: --"Thank you, Archangel Gabriel for your support."-

To conclude this meditation, please join hands, bend forward and bow with ease, grace and harmony. Yes, bend forward very slowly, fully relaxed, in an attitude of complete humility.

During this prostration salute and pay homage to your Guardian Archangel.

Please proceed with deep reverence. Hands still joined as if praying or namaste.


My own experience: When I experience some difficulties, big or small, I create assertive affirmations using the power of words. I create assertive affirmations I need to form affirmative statements which can help me take steps to change the expectations that no longer serve me. Therefore, I set new affirmative commitments.

My own experience: I always agree to follow the necessary strategies and execute the tactics which will allow me to materialize these assertive affirmations. Whatever my commitment says, I always consider it a binding agreement with myself that I faithfully pursue until I materialize that particular objective.

My own experience: Not only these affirmative statements have much impact on my destiny but they provide me with the keys to create a new reality. I strongly believe that what I expect tends to appear in my life because I unconsciously set in motion subtle psycho-physical forces.

My own experience: No matter what I wish, only action brings them to life. I know I can actualize my expectations when I act with a resolute commitment to materialize my assertive affirmations.

TRUST is mandatory.

My own experience: Knowing that to grow is to move beyond, knowing that my personal and spiritual growth requires that I open without any fear many other doors I have yet to open (death is one of these doors) with an acute sense of presence, I reach inside myself and bring up different impressions, emotions and feelings
that I let grow and expand in my awareness.

Everyone is looking, not many are observing in total silence without any comment. Imagine and clearly visualize the complete materialization of the objective: TRUE LOVE.

When images come up, do not engage into them.

Simply observe the parade of images that pass through your mind.

Do not intervene. Do not try to modify the content of the images. If lust or sex are there, let them have fun.

Please don't try to find any logic interpretation of any of the so-called messages you might receive. Remember, you observe images not messages.

Simply remain a passive observer.

If your mind tries to turn your attention away from TRUE LOVE, firmly bring your attention back on what you actually want to materialize during the coming months: TRUE LOVE.

My own experience: I create vivid visual images that include sound and sensation, using as many senses as possible. Form clear, consistent visualizations.

My own experience: I verbalize the content of these visualizations. I state affirmations in a constructive way. I affirm what I expect. I always avoid negative statements.

My own experience: Since I am turning the future into the PRESENT, I always state affirmations in the present form.

My own experience: Ageless Wisdom channeled from Spiritual Sources throughout history agrees that Acting with the highest integrity and truthfulness,I always make honest and realistic assertive affirmations. I refuse to create exaggerated expectations. According to these sources, I visualize and send out Selfless Loving Kindness.

My own experience: I always try to be concise so my affirmations are easy to remember and to repeat. If feelings of joy, relaxation and comfort are present, allow them to invade your body.

If you can do this meditation well, you will bring inspiration and joy to those around you. If you can do this meditation well, it will enrich your life and the lives of those you contact as it did in ways they could never understand for those who tried it consistently.
Try it and you'll blossom.

ATTENTION: each time you do AFFIRMATIONS you emit transmit, receive back Love and Loving Kindness,more intense than the time before.Meaning, each time you send to Others Love and Loving Kindness, each time Others will tend to reciprocate. Finally, my own experience at Meditating proves that GOD truly helps those who help themselves.





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